NMS provides primary dental care including restorative and preventive dentistry, extractions and denture fabrication and adjustments. Long term programs assist local personnel in developing and implementing educational programs for children, adults, teachers, healthcare and community agencies.

NMS travels to Jamaica two to three times a year, dedicating one to two weeks per trip. Teams arrive a project site with prepackaged dental kits, custom designed by NMS for specific dental issues expressed by the local host organization. A kit may contain a complete restorative set up or all the supplies needed to teach hundreds of children home care skills.

An NMS project involves:

  • Volunteers are responsible for the cost of airfare, accommodations and food. NMS arranges with local hosts for pick up at the airport and we are driven to destination community on day of arrival.
  • Accommodations are determined by the group prior to departure and vary depending on volunteer preferences and available options in each community.
  • Start time is 8 AM and finish time is generally 3 PM. This is variable depending on the heat.
  • Every project strives to provide educational and preventive services. We operate in small clinics or schools in rural communities or in under serviced inner city clinics.
  • The dental team consists of up to 15 members including dentists, dental hygienists, restorative hygienists, dental assistants, dental technicians and denturists.
  • Each clinic has a clinic¬†supervisor/administrator and sterilization assistant (universal precautions).
  • Medical/Dental history is obtained¬†with written consent for treatment.
  • Medications/analgesics are purchased on the island for each project.
  • There is time to travel and see the many sites and activities Jamaica has to offer. Evenings and weekends are available,¬†arrangements can be made if volunteers would like to vacation on the island before/after their volunteer work week.
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