“Dear Kim:

On behalf of the Dental Auxiliary School, please accept our profound thanks to you and to Nine Miles of Smiles for your recent donation of Dental Hygiene typodonts, textbooks and dental journals.

The addition of these items will greatly assist the school in further improving the quality of the Dental Hygiene Training Programme at the school.

The school hopes that this is the beginning of a long and sustained partnership that will continue to further develop the dental hygiene programme. The programme is still in its infancy, having just graduated its first two graduates earlier this year. This programme, and others like it in the island, will for the next ten to twenty years produce graduates who will have a lot of work to do in the treating the periodontal conditions evident in the population, and the school believes that Nine Miles of Smiles can greatly assist the school in this regard.

The greatest need at this time is for qualified dental hygienists to faciliate lectures, supervise on the clinics, in the pre-clinical laboratories, and provide treatment to the patients that the school serves. The vision is that in time, graduates will develop the technical know-how and experience and eventually replace the overseas dental hygienists. In addition, the treatment of patients will provide practical experience for the students, which will prove invaluable to them later on.

We look forward to the future, as with Nine Miles of Smiles, we believe that many more miles of smiles will be created. Thanks again, and all the very best in all that you are doing for the people of this island.”


Dr. T. Jones
Dental Surgeon-Director
Dental Auxiliary School

“Dear Ms. Stoppa:

It is always encouraging to read such wonderful stories about Toronto residents who are committed to helping others around the globe. Your remarkable journey and efforts to provide medical care and attention to Jamaican children is truly inspiring and heartening.

Ms. Stoppa, I thank you for writing and congratulate you on your contribution to the well being of others. Please accept my sincerest good wishes to you and your volunteers for continued success, good health and happiness.”

Yours truly,

Mayor David Miller
City of Toronto

“To Whom It May Concern:

When I meet someone like Kimberly Stoppa, it makes me proud to be Canadian. Kimberly, through her hard work, dedication and altruism, is a source of inspiration for all and a model for other young Canadians.

Nine Miles of Smiles, the non-for-profit organization founded by Ms. Stoppa, does not limit its reach to dental care, although this is the primary focus of the organization. Seeing needs in Jamaica, Kimberly assisted in the reconstruction of an all-age school after hurricane Ivan devastated the island; she set up linkages between Canadian and Jamaican educators for the provision of teaching aids; she is helping poor inner-city communities in accessing health services.

As Canadian High Commissioner to Jamaica, I am happy to endorse the efforts of Kimberly Stoppa and of Nine Miles of Smiles and hope you will support her endeavours. If there were more Kimberlys around, Jamaica would be covered with smiles!”

Yours sincerely,

Claudio Valle
High Commissioner

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